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Octopus Bathrooms


Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions of installations.


1/All work carried out by Octopus and products that are installed belong to the company until full payment for the work has been submitted.


2/Octopus reserves the right to remove or reclaim back these materials in the unlikely occurance of payment not being made.


3/When carrying out conversions Octopus carries no responsibility for central heating system faults. All faults must be repaired at customers own expense.


4/When carrying out conversions Octopus carry no resposibility for drainage issues that lie outside or beneath the bathroom boundaries. Octopus only takes resposibilty for drainage away from any fittings installed by Octopus. Any drainage issues will be resolved at the customers own expense.


5/Sites will always be left clean and clear from debris and rubbish.


6/ Any damages to the property or bathroom itself must be notified immediately to member of the showroom team and the damage will be repaired immediately, any damages not notified during the installation will not be covered by Octopus.


7/ All guarantees are only valid for the period stated on the reciept/guarantee. The guarantee only covers the products being used under normal conditions and excludes 'wear and tear'. External forces exerted on the items installed are also not covered under the guarantee. For example, damage caused by falling debris such as dropped electric toothbrushes, tumblers etc. are not covered. 


8/ If you would prefer a paper, dated record of the Terms and conditions please request one and our team will be happy to email or post one.

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